Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gun Play

I think this is a great idea.

I'm not actually opposed to toy guns - my brothers and I all played cops-n-robbers, cowboys-n-Indians, army man, etc. - and none of us are gun owners as adults. I completely disagree with the parenting style that doesn't allow kids to ever see something bad. (And as a non-parent I totally have that right - ha ha!)

But I DO have a big issue with private gun ownership. I think all semi- and automatic weapons should be illegal for personal ownership. I think having rifles/"hunting" guns are fine, but should be quite restricted. And I think handguns should be even more restricted, as I see little need for them in a home.

So even though I don't think toy guns are harmful to kids - I do like the idea of them deciding to turn them in for a different toy.


Anonymous said...

" I see little need for them in a home."
Nice blog till I got to this little blurb of yours...
No thanks, I will keep my rights and you hopefully will ever need a gun.

Anonymous said...

People like you are eroding my constitutional rights with your peace, love and hair grease hippie mentallity. You want to live a Police State where you are completely reliant on the government to protect you? Then leave the USA and "live" life somewhere else like the sheep your are. The rest of us will protect ourselves; the way our founding fathers wanted it to