Monday, April 23, 2007

And Noland Wonders Why I Don't Think Doctors Can Really Help...

I don't go to the doctor often. In fact I don't understand the whole hypochondriac thing - 'cause I'm the total opposite. Noland has to practically force me to go even when I am sick. So it frustrates me that the few times I do go - nothing ever works the way it's supposed to.

I take two really basic and simple prescriptions - nothing unusual, nothing narcotic that I could get any money for on the streets, nothing that has any severe or dangerous side effects - and I've been taking both for years now without any changes.

So because of Noland being laid off and me recently changing jobs - we had to switch or insurance provider as well - we never lapsed in coverage - but it's a different plan and the doctor we used to go to isn't in the preferred list of the new plan. She was also located out in Beaverton since that was where we both worked - but since neither of us do anymore - that's not very convenient either.

Of course the timing worked out so that both of my prescriptions expired - as in the 12 months of referrals are up - this month. So you have to get approval from the doctor to get a refill. I know this - so I refill a week in advance so there is time for the processing - I submit my refill to Walgreens - then I call the doc's office immediately after so that I can explain to them that I will not be able to come in for an exam prior to getting a refill - that I have to switch doctors due to insurance - but can they authorize one more refill so that I have time to make an appointment with the new doc? I was pro-active. I gave them full information. I did it a week early - they have signs all over their office saying they need at least 5 days. So on Thursday of last week, they leave a message - on Noland's phone (which is another issue I have with them - I have told them to call ME every time I've gone in or done anything - they always call him) saying I need to make an appointment to come in. I look online and see that according to Walgreens my prescription has been filled - so I assume that the doc was following up about the appointment since they did refill it - that's what they always do when they refill without seeing you. But I didn't try to pick them up until the weekend - and of course - they're not there.

But to add to the confusion - Noland again gets a call from a different Walgreens saying that they have my prescription. Again we're not sure why they called Noland's phone - he's never even used Walgreens. So I call Walgreens - they say they have nothing - but have faxed the doctor a request twice. I call the doc again this morning - explaining the situation again - and ask them to call ME - giving them my phone number again.

Noland calls me shortly after that saying that the doc called him and they've sent my prescription over. I call Walgreens - nope. Nothing. I ask them to check the other location. They say there's nothing. I call the doc - they say they've sent it over. To the wrong one. But of course the one they've sent isn't the one that I've been out of since last Friday now - it's the one I'm still good on through this Sat.

So MAYBE they'll get it refilled in the next 70 minutes so that I can pick it up tonight. Otherwise MAYBE they can get it done tomorrow - by which point I'll be - oh let's see - Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues of not taking it - nice medical practice. They tell you not to just stop taking your medication - yet despite all my best efforts they have forced me to stop taking it for at least 4 days now - maybe longer.

I never had these kinds of issues with the person I went to before - so although I kinda liked the doc out there - but I think I'm glad I'm switching to another office.

Maybe they won't be as retarded.