Sunday, February 25, 2007

Herman - Meet Gresham Troglodyte

Thank You. Mr-God-damn-mother-fucking-shit-ass-Gresham-hick-troglodyte-son-of-a-bitch who doesn't know how to back a piece of shit SUV out of practically empty parking lot with really wide aisles without running into my less than one month-old under 700 miles brand new car.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Goodbye Felix....Hello Herman!

Random Ramblings After a Long Absence

So between the new job and me being really lazy – I've been rather lack in posting here – although I will say that I have been active on Metblogs – so just read me there if you're sick of seeing nothing here!

I am really loving the new job – I'm doing what I did before – but I there is actually some rhyme and reason to what I'm doing now and I have a lot more personal responsibility to do what I think needs to be done. And of course I LOVE being downtown…
- my commute has been shortened from 45-60 minutes to about 15-20
- can walk from my office to get a soda, coffee, lunch, mail something, buy something, etc.
- have numerous options for food that don't include McDonalds, Taco Bell, Red Robin and the like
- can actually read The Mercury or Willamette Week hard copy if I want to
- don't ever have to go to Beaverton for any reason anymore (except occasionally to visit a friend and drink tequila!) That is the best reason ever – in the 3 months since Centric closed – I have been to Beaverton a total of 3 times. A birthday party for Toni, a Christmas gathering at Cole's, and one time when Noland and I were out meandering around on a Sat – ended up down in Tualatin and then remembered he had a prescription to pick up at the Target by his work – so we headed out to get it.

I am trying to decide if I'm going to do the OMTAAMB again this year – and the fact that I'd have to go out there weekly for practice is one small reason that I may not. Most of last year I was very cranky about being part of it – the routines that Tom creates are either incredibly dull because he recycles everything from year to year so that the slow people don't have to learn anything new – or he tries to be super complex as if we were on field for a DCI show – but those types of flowing off count moves don't translate well onto the street and we just end up looking bad. He is just not a good choreographer - and he is a very poor instructor – he never has anything written down by counts, doesn't demonstrate well, or understand the concept of teach a little move on, teach a little move on – then all together….it makes it very frustrating. And the field show – that is the worst thing ever – because again – he tries to do it as if we were a DCI group – we need to do things in counts of 4 and always hit yard markets or halfway between, no flowing lines, arches or off beats – we don't have the time (or in many people the ability) to do more than that. So again – it ends up looking terrible and everyone yelling at one another. Fun pastime eh?

So I don't know – I may just have to pass this year…..we'll see….