Tuesday, August 23, 2005

the downfalls (or benefits) of chocolate

I don't know that I really need to go into a detailed description of preparing for the end of the world. We've all seen it a million times on TV and in the movies, read countless stories....it was like that. I was with a group of my closest friends and family along with a dozen or more strangers who had all ended up in this same place of refuge. We were trying our best to prepare for impending danger, disaster, attack, disease, act of God or of Man...

Some were working very hard. They were building and reinforcing structures, they were gathering and preparing and storing provisions, they were organizing and planning and preparing. Others were keeping the children entertained and their minds of off the danger that the adults were trying so hard not to discuss. Trying to ignore the cries and wails and pounding on the door to the outside where those that had been caught outside tried desperately to get in, but we knew that we couldn't let them in. We wished them the best, but we were putting ourselves and everyone in our area in danger if we opened those doors, or windows or mental blocks.

And then their were the hippies having a bake sale. They really had an amazing set up going - there were more then a dozen oven in the field, powered by some downed line or unnatural source, but they were all blazing and smelled great - and they had platters upon platters of baked goods in front of them - willing to share with anyone who happened by.

Nancy, my sister-in-law, and I had gone off to find her son. He had wandered away and we needed to bring him back before it got dark. When she saw that the hippies had sugar cookies she knew that he had to have stopped there. So we stopped to ask, but they wouldn't talk to us until we shared a treat with them.

Now Nancy is not naive, but she has to some degree, led a bit of a sheltered life - plus she's a sucker for chocolate, so she grabbed a brownie and went to town without clue that they were special brownies.. I knew that the I didn't want to eat much of that brownie if I was going to be able to function after that, so I took a lemon bar that I thought would be more likely to contain fewer of those 'special' ingredients.

Thing is, I must have been wrong, 'cause I have no idea how the end of the story goes.....