Thursday, May 24, 2007

Favorite Day of the Year

My mom sent me one of those "get to know your friends" internet chain mail items that we were all sick of by about 2001, but it's mom - and she's not to handy on the internet (unlike dad who's probably reading this!) - so I filled it out and sent it back to her, my sister in law and my aunts who were all on her original list.

One of the questions on the survey was "what is your favorite day of the year?" I don't really have a favorite day - so I answered that January 4 - my birthday - was.

But I was totally wrong. The best day of the year is today - May 24th - the day that my, maybe not perfect - but perfect for me, husband was born. Without the events of this day 37 years ago my life would be incomplete.

Happy Birthday Babe - I Love You!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

First Concert Follow-Up

So - I blogged on Portland Metblogs yesterday about a guy that I worked with who has never been to a concert.

It was still freaking me out today when I went to work, so we were talking about - and it turns out he's not mid-30s like I thought - but only 28. Married and has 3 kids - and I the oldest one is 8 or 9. One drink after work on a Friday is a crazy night out. Wow - see when I meet people like that - it's what helps me from ever feeling old.

A co-worker's husband was turning 29 last week and she mentioned that he said it was his last good birthday because after that he would be old. When I lived in Des Moines, my good friend Laurie turned 30 she was freaking out a bit - she is several years older than me, so when I told her I didn't get it - she told me to just wait. When I turned 30 - I definitely didn't feel old (and those of you who helped me celebrate that night can certainly attest to that!) And I still don't.

I feel very young for my age in fact. When my mother was my age - Steve was 12, I was 9 and James was 7. I was old enough to remember her - both my parents at this age - and I am much younger than they were. My sister-in-law is only a year older than me and she has a 15 and 13 year old. And not that the kids make you old - but for some people it does - I do have other friends with kids (yo Crafties!) who still go out, who still know how to have non-PTA fun - but not these folks. And all of that has worked for them - but it definitely does keep me feeling young.

Until today.

We were at work discussing a call to out office in London - the same co-worker who started the 'first concert' discussion started singing 'London Calling' - I laughed and said I always think of that too - the other two guys gave us blank stares. I looked and them and said 'you know - The Clash?' More blank stares. Followed up with - 'Was that a band or something?'

After threatening them with bodily harm - one guy then called another in our office and asked him - "have you ever heard of 'The Clash'?"

Two of these 3 were the ones who earlier in the year had commented that they weren't yet born when Micheal Jackson's Thriller came out.

The kids with the kids keep me feeling young - but when they don't even know the music - that makes me feel old.