Tuesday, May 15, 2007

First Concert Follow-Up

So - I blogged on Portland Metblogs yesterday about a guy that I worked with who has never been to a concert.

It was still freaking me out today when I went to work, so we were talking about - and it turns out he's not mid-30s like I thought - but only 28. Married and has 3 kids - and I the oldest one is 8 or 9. One drink after work on a Friday is a crazy night out. Wow - see when I meet people like that - it's what helps me from ever feeling old.

A co-worker's husband was turning 29 last week and she mentioned that he said it was his last good birthday because after that he would be old. When I lived in Des Moines, my good friend Laurie turned 30 she was freaking out a bit - she is several years older than me, so when I told her I didn't get it - she told me to just wait. When I turned 30 - I definitely didn't feel old (and those of you who helped me celebrate that night can certainly attest to that!) And I still don't.

I feel very young for my age in fact. When my mother was my age - Steve was 12, I was 9 and James was 7. I was old enough to remember her - both my parents at this age - and I am much younger than they were. My sister-in-law is only a year older than me and she has a 15 and 13 year old. And not that the kids make you old - but for some people it does - I do have other friends with kids (yo Crafties!) who still go out, who still know how to have non-PTA fun - but not these folks. And all of that has worked for them - but it definitely does keep me feeling young.

Until today.

We were at work discussing a call to out office in London - the same co-worker who started the 'first concert' discussion started singing 'London Calling' - I laughed and said I always think of that too - the other two guys gave us blank stares. I looked and them and said 'you know - The Clash?' More blank stares. Followed up with - 'Was that a band or something?'

After threatening them with bodily harm - one guy then called another in our office and asked him - "have you ever heard of 'The Clash'?"

Two of these 3 were the ones who earlier in the year had commented that they weren't yet born when Micheal Jackson's Thriller came out.

The kids with the kids keep me feeling young - but when they don't even know the music - that makes me feel old.

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