Monday, April 11, 2005

Day Two

the wall is down, the banister gone, waqllaper borders ripped away, appliances hauled to the garage, cabinet door off, locks changed and one wall is orange...whoo hoo!!!!!!




orange walls

Saturday, April 02, 2005

stealin' from Kelly

So the story goes...

Noland and I, Mike and Kelly were all searching for houses together...Mike finds one that he absolutely loves, Kelly disagrees but I think it's Mike says we should just get married and live there instead (apparently the fact that I'm already married to Noland isn't a concern.) But hey that's ok 'cause Noland and Kelly find a house that they love as well...and why do they love it? Because it has an outhouse with a wrap around porch! Classy! So they're gonna get married and live there.

The actual owner of this story wasn't sure which freaked her out more - the fact that she loved the outhouse with the porch or that fact that Mike ran off with me and she was with Noland. I'd have to say the outhouse - 'cause I think it just goes to further prove that I am indeed married to the man of every girl's dreams!