Wednesday, March 30, 2005

almost there...

So it did need a new roof and all new plumbing…but the seller’s paying to get that done so we’re good to go. They’re both getting done this week and we should be signing papers by the end of next.

We had planned to go to Vancouver BC for a few days for our anniversary (2 FABULOUS years!!) on one of those free hotel room deals that we got for listening to a vacation timeshare presentation (we were very proud to have been the first people in our group to escape the never ending sales pitch with our little vacation certificate), but we cancelled out on it ‘cause that’s probably the weekend we’ll end up moving in.

The house is great, but you can tell by the décor that it was indeed a little elderly couple that lived there – all rather dated and ‘country’ (Our mothers would love it.) So we’ll have a week or two before we move in to knock down a wall, paint over the grape leaves and flowers stenciled on the kitchen walls, scrape off all the flowery wallpaper borders, tear up some ugly carpet and put down Pergo flooring, and replace the ancient appliances. Some work on the main bathroom will follow, as well as updating things like drapes/blinds, faucets, door locks, closet doors and such, but we can do that once we get in. And Violet will be pleased to hear that we’re not going to replace the lime green counter tops in the kitchen – we figure with new paint and appliances they could actually look pretty spiffy!

Then we get to set our beast loose in that amazing backyard. We’ll have to snag some patio furniture and get everyone over for an early summer BBQ before he destroys everything…actually I don’t think he’ll do to badly – some of it will get trampled, most likely the big patch in the middle - but I think we can keep him away from most of the edge stuff. Now we just have to pack up the house to get ready for this all…urgh…

a few "Before" shots

lovely color scheme eh? Posted by Hello

the carpet and "pony wall" will go Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 27, 2005


We've been to that bar many times, but I guess we'd never been there on a Sunday before. Not surprising, Sunday not being the prime going out night - but we had no idea that they did karaoke there. Just didn't seem like the right crowd.

But hey, everybody was havin' a good time - and Mike and Kelly were just tearing up the stage. I think however, that Kelly's been watching to much American Idol cause the song choices were a bit, ok extremely, on the cheesy side. But all good fun. So much that we didn't even realize that it was bar close - I couldn't beleive it was already 2am. then I checked my phone and it was just before midnight - apparently on Sunday's they shut down early. Probably a good thing actually, cause we did all have to work the next day and I was just then realizing how pooped I really was.

We had to park a ways down the street, so Noland went to get the car while I paid the tab. Man, that place cleared out quick, there was no one left by the time I walked out the door. Of course just as I'm getting to the car I realize that I left my new bag in the bar, crap, I hope I can still get back in. I turn around and start to run back to the bar when Noland yells to let me know he had it. He grabbed it when I went to the restroom so that I wouldn't leave it there. What a husband - not afraid to be seen leaving the bar with a very stylish green handbag!

Cool enough then, we can go home and I can get some sleep cause I'm exhausted........

what bad timing for the alarm, it was like no sleep at all.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Is it a dream?

well no matter how wacky it seems, I think this one is for real. So unless something is seriously wrong at the inspection tomorrow - they tell us we need a new roof or all new plumbing or something like that - we bought a