Sunday, March 27, 2005


We've been to that bar many times, but I guess we'd never been there on a Sunday before. Not surprising, Sunday not being the prime going out night - but we had no idea that they did karaoke there. Just didn't seem like the right crowd.

But hey, everybody was havin' a good time - and Mike and Kelly were just tearing up the stage. I think however, that Kelly's been watching to much American Idol cause the song choices were a bit, ok extremely, on the cheesy side. But all good fun. So much that we didn't even realize that it was bar close - I couldn't beleive it was already 2am. then I checked my phone and it was just before midnight - apparently on Sunday's they shut down early. Probably a good thing actually, cause we did all have to work the next day and I was just then realizing how pooped I really was.

We had to park a ways down the street, so Noland went to get the car while I paid the tab. Man, that place cleared out quick, there was no one left by the time I walked out the door. Of course just as I'm getting to the car I realize that I left my new bag in the bar, crap, I hope I can still get back in. I turn around and start to run back to the bar when Noland yells to let me know he had it. He grabbed it when I went to the restroom so that I wouldn't leave it there. What a husband - not afraid to be seen leaving the bar with a very stylish green handbag!

Cool enough then, we can go home and I can get some sleep cause I'm exhausted........

what bad timing for the alarm, it was like no sleep at all.

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