Tuesday, November 27, 2007

People Who Piss Me Off

I try to ignore them, but they drive me crazy and I just want to pull my teeth out. You know them. You've heard them. Maybe you've cheered them on. Maybe you ARE one.

'The only television I watch is PBS and The Discovery Channel.'
'I went on this cleansing diet of nothing but lemon juice and it was amazing.'
'My little Jimmy/Janie decided to be a vegetarian at age 3.'
'We only use natural/recycled/organic products in our house.'
'Our kids were just under stimulated in public schools.'
'I never eat fast food.'
'We don't even own a TV.'

Sure - Discovery had some good programs - but you've never been flipping channels and gotten sucked into something ridiculous...or something fantastic, but totally not educational? No? Bullshit.

And your cleansing fast? You loved it? It felt great? And all the people sucking up to you telling you how great it is that you did that? Bullshit.

I could go on. And you know what. I don't believe ANY of you. Self-righteous, smug little twats.

And that goes double for you people who cheer them on.

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The Hamzinger said...

Please note - Noland did not write this entry. Really!