Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How to Train Your Dogs to Pee

Our dogs live outside when we're not home. We have a nice fenced back-yard with room for them to run and a variety of places to get out of the rain or sun depending on the weather. During nicer weather - most of the time we spend with them is spent outside. They come inside occasionally, but spend most of their days outside. As the rainy weather set into it's daily drizzle - that pattern changes - and we bring them inside most every evening that we are home.

Being outside dogs however - they aren't trained to go outside, pee and come back in. They figure if they're going outside it's to either play, walk or just be put back outside. Even if they're the ones who indicated that they wanted out. Begbie does pretty well, but once outside Faith is so excited about the prospect of the ball being thrown that she's lost interest in peeing. Even when it's midnight, wet, and we just need them to go once more before we go to bed.

So Noland has come up with a brilliant plan on how to train them on that particular command. The last several nights before we go to bed, when he opens the door and sends them out with the "go pee" command, he goes and pees with them.

All three come back in relieved for the night and ready for bed.
So adorable.

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BoggyWoggy said...

This is tooooo good! My husband does the same thing! Our big Basset Hound and 2 Lab/Golden Retriever mixes both are good boys, now!