Thursday, November 15, 2007

I Am Invincible!

The last time I was there they thought I was sedated. They thought I had no idea what they were doing. But I wasn't completely out and I knew. Luckily they almost got busted and I got away. I never told anyone about it because I was afraid they might try to come find me, and somehow they did. I was now back there again. But this time I had the upper hand. They thought I'd have no memory of the last time, but I knew exactly what they were planning.

My mom dropped me off as planned - but I had her grab my purple overnight bag and take it with her instead of leaving it behind. I told her to just grab it as she walked out the door and to be subtle. I didn't tell her why. I went back into my room like I was supposed to, then into the bathroom - but from there I slipped out the back door and around behind the buildings. I started to head toward the parking lot, but saw a group of folks in uniform so I slipped back into an alley and came into the parking lot on the far end. Because I knew what they were planning - when I left my keys with the parking attendant I had only left a copy - I still had them in my pocket, now I just had to find my car. I couldn't see it and I knew I didn't have much time, so I hit the unlock to see if I could catch the lights flashing. Ah-ha. There it is. I get in, but I've been spotted and the alarm has been sounded. I'm running toward my car - but so are they. I get in and start it up - but one of the guys is hanging on the door trying to climb in after and stop me. They have some sort of electro magnetic device that they use to shut down my engine - and I can't go any further.

There's a bit of a scuffle - and they decide they need to move me to a different facility. They still don't know how much I know however - so they only put me in the back of a car with an "attendant" like nothing is really wrong. And they don't check for things like - if I still have my phone. I pull it from my pocket and try to call Noland. No answer. I can't speak so I send a text message, but I'm not sure if it gets through. We've been driving around for a while and I think they've been intentionally going a winding back route to confuse me - because I'm not exactly sure where we are when we pull over to get supplies. I feign sleep so they leave me in the car - I dial 911 and am able to give the operator a few words before they return to the car - but I leave the phone open so that if they say anything that might help the 911 operator find me, they can overhear it. They weren't to bright though and they put me on hold because all of a sudden there was elevator music playing out of my phone and I'm busted. They tell me to throw it out the window and I argue with them. They're going to have to make me.

Suddenly a song comes on the radio that we all like and start singing along... 'Merican by The Descendants... they're impressed that I know the song, so I relent and tell them that I remembered last time. That I wasn't sedated - but that even though I knew what was going on I didn't tell anyone and they can trust me.

I think I might have 'em convinced.

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Pam Aries said...

24 ...24 hours a dayyy..I wanna be sedated! Ha ha !! I loved your post!