Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dance the Night Away

I’m a little slow in getting this down…but it’s been in my head for a week now. After bowling last Thursday I bolted over to the Doug Fir and met Julie to see VHS or Beta. Julie knew the opening band - Moving Units - and they were pretty good – but I was most stoked to see VHS or Beta. I wasn’t aware until they started their set that they, or at least the singer, were from here. He mentioned that he’d grown up in Eugene anyhow – so close enough. We’d had some beers at bowling (and I’d wandered into the men’s room without having any clue until I came out to see a guy giving me the stink eye as he walked in and Violet about to walk into the women’s room laughing at me!) and of course we had some cocktails at the Doug Fir. By the time the night was over I had a nice buzz…but the drink wasn’t what was keeping me so pumped.

It was just such a fun show – and it was the type of show that I really hadn’t been to in a long time. Sure – Noland and I go see lots of bands, and I love them. When it’s the stuff I don’t like – I don’t go, he heads of with Bill or Ian. So I do really have fun at the shows I go to – but Noland doesn’t do this type of show, and since I’ve moved to Portland I haven’t been friends with anyone who does. The band is a bit reminiscent of 80s techno-pop…New Order, Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys…but not a retro-rehash. Very unique actually. But it’s the type of show I would have gone to with Anita or Susan or Jennie…and we would have danced through the whole thing – not just stood there and watched. During their set I was thinking that I need to send all of them a CD of some of their music in case they don’t know it (so if by chance any of you read this – act surprised when it arrives!) But that’s what Julie and I did – we shook our grove things! I didn’t realize how much I’d missed that. I know that Kelly or Violet or even Steve like going to those types of shows as well – but between V needing a sitter or K’s travel plus things like bowling, shows that go see with the guys, and just general life – when it comes to deciding on which social things to do and which to skip, this is the stuff that always gets back burnered. But for Julie – these are the front burner things – so I’m glad that she’s here to kick my butt into gear and do some of them!

After the show we were in the bar hanging out with a friend of hers up from Atlanta and some other folks until almost 2 am on a school night, so if I hadn’t gone – I might not have been so wiped out on Saturday and we may have made it out to Satyricon or Dante’s….and that would have been fun. But I typically leave a show at Dante’s ready for bed. When I left Doug Fir, if I hadn’t had to work the next day I could have gone all night. That’s a much better feeling.

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Susan said...

Surprise!!! And speaking of old memories dancing the night away ... I think I saw beautiful Thom out and about - short hair and baby carrier. (Young I'm told, but I'm feeling way too old ... or something like that.)