Thursday, February 03, 2005

amazing what you can find in the backyard

It’s good to have your friends along when you’re looking for houses; they find things you might miss. We were out looking at this place and Spencer was with Noland checking out the basement (gotta see what the band practice space capabilities are ya know) while Steve and I are wandering around outside. It was kinda out in the country, so it had a huge lot and there was this big area of brush in the back – it’s near the property line and there are woods behind it, so at first I just figured it was a bunch of overgrown trees and bushes that the previous owners hadn’t bothered to keep trimmed down. But Steve thinks that he sees something back there, so we traipse back to take a look – he digs in under the branches a bit and comes up with a piece of blue tarp – we hack at the branches a bit – of course I happened to be carrying a machete – and pull them back…lo and behold there’s a hot tub there! We get all of the branches pulled back and the tarp off (considering how thick all those branches were it only took us a minute or so to do all this – we’re pretty amazing!) and it’s not just a hot tub, there’s a complete Olympic sized swimming pool as well. Now it’s kind of a weird pool – cause it’s an above ground one with aluminum sides – like the one we had in our backyard when I was a kid – but it’s full sized and has a diving board and everything. The tarp on top is sagging and it’s full of green mucky water – but it seems like it should be salvageable. The best part is – since it wasn’t listed in any of the amenities of the home – the people selling it probably don’t know it’s there, so it’s not included in the assessment of the price of the house. Ya know, they didn’t know they had a basement either until Spencer and Noland found it; they’re not really very bright. Well hey – we’re not telling.

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