Monday, February 21, 2005

flag on the play

Time for flag practice again this year. But we needed to raise some money for new flags and such so we decided to take part in the big flag and drum corps show. But as is typical with this group, no one really communicated much very well and I suddenly get a phone call that I need to go down to the show, and take the snacks that we were selling - and that I need to get there ASAP. I check the boxes of snacks that had been delivered to my house early - and I all I find inside are a bunch of half empty chip bags and cookie boxes. Great. Now I needed to stop and get more, as well as go pick up Tami and then get to the convention center. Now Tami was the friend that I did flags with in high school, so while that would be fun, I haven't seen her in probably 10 years and as far as I know sh estil lives in Kansas, so I decide that it doesn't make any sense, so I call Gretchen instead. I let her know that I'm on my way and she needs to be ready. Being Gretchen of course when I tell her I’ll be there in 10 minutes she says it'll take her at least 20 and that really means 30. URGH! So I need to call the folks working at the booth right now and let 'em know that we might be a tad late. Of course my mother is on the phone and she's talking to my little niece (who by the way is less then a year old and therefore can't really talk on the phone.) and she won't hang up. I let her know that I really need to use the phone and she just won't do it and tells me I'm being selfish - I holler at her a bit but it does no good. Someone else turns on the TV to check out what's going on at the convention center at the moment (have you ever watched the convention center channel - it's pretty amusing sometimes) and I see that the crowds are already showing up getting ready for the show - damn - we're too late!

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