Monday, February 28, 2005

caught in the rain without an umbrella

I hate doing laundry. I guess that's why I ended up going out in only my underwear - although I did have on a big fleece top as well, so it's not like I was naked - just a little exposed - but no worse then short shorts or mini-skirts! Nonetheless I felt a bit exposed after being out - so during a break I decided to run home real quick and grab some pants.

When I get to my brothers house - the front door is wide open and my brothers friend who was supposed to be watching the kids is lying on the front step tied up inside a plastic grocery bag (he's kind of a little guy - I wouldn't call him a midget, but pretty darn close) So I run over and rip open the bag - he's still breathing, he's not hurt other then just being a bit traumatized - but he doesn't know if they took the kids, or hurt them or where they are - so I run into the house screaming their names. Cory! Erin! They're both there, back in their bedroom just quietly playing a game - they had no idea that anything was wrong. They knew that someone had come over to visit - and they told me his name, I knew who he was, he used to be a friend of my brothers at one point when we were younger - I wonder if he knew he was back in town.

About that time Steve and Cesar came by - they were on their way back and stopped to see if I needed a ride. I was going to be really late so I jumped at the chance - meanwhile forgetting to ever grab any pants. But they had some sweats in the car so I put those on and was good to go - especially now 'cause it was starting to rain and I'd be cold. We pull around the corner and Cesar notices that the travel agents office is open now - but Steve tells him that they'll have to stop on the way back - they needed to get me back before it was all over. That was cool of him, cause I get there just in time. They were passing out umbrellas that other people have left behind, to anyone that didn't have one, before we headed off. I had left one there earlier thinking that I could just pick it up again - but I couldn't find it and since I was late I figured someone else must have taken it. But Miriam had one of her own - and being that cute French girl that she is - convinced them to give her another one, so we were all going to be fine.

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