Saturday, February 26, 2005

smokin' with dad

I'm with my dad in a convenince store, and he's pointing out the CD's they sell at the counter - you know those cheesey compliations of "greatest hits of the 80's" or "all time country favorites" - well he tells me that his barbershop quartet was going to make CD's and sell them at c-stores, but that they all have to be produced through this same label - so we buy a bunch of 'em to figure out how he can get his music onto a CD and into the hands of those desperate for barbershop whilst traveling the great highways of this land.

Meanwhile, back in the parking lot he's having a little trouble getting the car out of the parking space and almost sideswipes the car next to us - now I know the guys in the car - I went to high school with 'em and they were all complete assholes. You know the type; lots of money, little bit of althleticism and no brains. So I yell at dad to stop before he does and my friend Jill Callies jumps out of the car, now I guess calling Jill a friend mught be a strech - we were friends at one point, but rather then realizing what these people were like, she wanted to become one - so we said poilite hellos and moved on our way.

So now we're on our way - but we've got Jill's mom in the car with us and we need to get to Susan's place. Susan sub-let an apartment that Jennie and I lived in for a few months after we left until the lease was up. It backed right up to a KFC drive though, and well that was convienent on occasion, it was also really irritating when someone had to keep reapeating "I want a 3-piece chicken and biscuit with a side-a-potato" 'cause the workers couldn't hear through the bad speaker, but we could hear 3-floors up and across the parking lot. So while it was a decent place, I'm not sure why Susan wanted to move back there, but she was going to and we needed to get to her place quick.

So dad's driving, Jill's mom is in the front seat and he's explaining to her how you can smoke secretly if you crack the car window open in the front and the back and blow the smoke out the window. I'm sitting in the backseat and they're paying no attention to me so I pull out a box of Marlboros and give it a try myself. Well look at that - I'm puffing right out the window next to my dad's head and he doesn't have a clue. Guess that's what being "an adult" means - you realize your parents do know something afterall.

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Anonymous said...

OK, girlie, I seem to remember us getting a kick-ass casette tape at the register of a convenience store on one of our random road trips around Iowa. I think it had "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and we got it at a Casey's in Jefferson right before seeing the big Carillion tower ... Aaah, 1994 was a good year - SALSA!