Friday, January 28, 2005

I should have listened to Glen and Foil

So it wasn't mayonaise from last May, but I think it may have been cream cheese from last July that caused my innards to feel as though they had been streched in every direction farther then humanly possible, then squeezed back into a too small container. Never ending terrible shooting pain the middle of the night are always fun.

So I blame the cream cheese - cause I don't want to blame the wine.

Speaking of whine, UPS rocks and FedEx sucks. I had some wine being delivered UPS, Noland had some computer parts being sent FedEx - both required signatures - and of a live human, not the "you can sign this and leave on the door knob and we'll leave the box on the porch kind." The FedEx guy shows up at our house three days in a row while we're at work leaving nothing more then a note saying he'd try again tomorrow. I left a note back saying we'd rather pick it up, we won't be home in the day, but of course we can't do that if he has it on his truck - so when he stops trying to deliver it and we can finally go pick it up - they had already returned it to the sender because we hadn't picked it up the next day.

And the wine coming UPS - he leaves us a note with his pager number and says to let him know when we'll be around so that if he's in the area still he can come back. Noland gets home, gets the note, pages him and within 15 minutes we have wine.

Much more important then computer parts anyhow.

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