Thursday, January 20, 2005

such the drama

I’m late for work, the only problem is I don’t know it yet. Noland is dropping me off out front and gives me a kiss. Two guys from the office are coming back from a coffee run. They come in super early, so they’ve already been there more then an hour. I can’t believe they’re actually going to tell on me that I’m late! I let them know that if they go through with it - Noland’s gonna beat their asses – so glad we carpooled today.

There’s a bunch of bottles of water and soda and beer in cases in the hallway as I walk in – I see other people taking some, but I’m not sure of the rules, so I just grab a bottle of water and go to my place on the bench. For some reason instead of offices or cubicles we all sit at long school-cafeteria like tables with benches.

Mark Megibow, an old friend from high school that I really lost touch with before we even graduated, comes and sits down next to me. Mark was my brother’s pledge son in their music fraternity at Northwestern and I recently saw in one of those emails that is always sending out that he “recently updated his profile – become a Gold Member to read all about what Mark is doing” so maybe that’s why he showed up at my office. But he was cool – we were really more just friends of friends then actually friends with each other back in the TWHS days – so I’m glad he didn’t turn out to be an ass.

I have to get going and get home, as soon as possible, this storm is coming in and if I don’t get on the next plane out of here I may never make it. My boss tells me I’ve got until 5:19 – plenty of time – I thought I was only going to have an hour or even less. I need to pack. Quickly.
Why haven’t I been keeping up on cleaning my room? I can’t find anything I need to pack. I only have this one suitcase and this is not all going to fit. Plus I have all these he notebooks full of papers and documents from work – maybe I can put all those in one and just carry it. Nope, no zipper pockets. Everything is falling out. Am I really going to wear those shoes? Maybe I can leave them here – I will be back someday. I can get things then – besides if I leave the place a mess it will look more lived in.

We’re never going to get this show off the ground. Learn all our lines. Get all the staging set. There’s just not enough time. They’re calling me from the airport – it’s 5:20 – they’re going to leave without me. I wasted too much time. Why did I fall asleep?!

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