Friday, December 31, 2004

stand by your man

The little punk girls just love Noland. I respect 'em for it, how could they not? But sorry ladies, no can do. So we're out at a show and I didn't think it was all ages, but either this girl had a great fake ID or I really am getting old. But she notices his Misfats shirt and starts chatting it up - and he of course loves to talk about the band so they're chatting away as I approach with drinks - I give him his, but am talking with someone else so I'm just kinda standing near his elbow when suddenly this chic just pushes over in between us......

"who's SHE?!"

she's loaded, so I just say 'hi, I'm Jennifer' and back to my conversation. I do realize at this point though that she thinks that she's hitting on Noland and that he's beginning to realize it as well - so in that lovely way that we can read each others minds on occasion we decide to mess with her.

He becomes more chatty and friendly to her and she's just all excited. I can see her giving her friends the look - that she thinks she's snagged herself a punk rock boy for the night. Her newly purchased Hot Topic outfit worked! So I take that moment to lean over and give him a squeeze. So then I get the other look - that don't you mess with my new found man look. (Of course she's obviously not bright to notice that we're both wearing wedding rings...but that's another story.)

This continued for a bit, but we weren't going to make it much longer without busting out into serious laughter, so while tacky in most situations, it was rather amusing here to just starting making out in the middle of the bar. I think she was about to swing at me actually when one of her friends suddenly got bright and noticed the rings.....and the fact that we were now, along with our friends that were with us - openly laughing at her.

Ah the fun of messing with the kiddies.

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