Tuesday, December 28, 2004

new job holiday perks

So not only is it amazing and refreshing to work again for a company that actually cares more about it's product, it's customers and it's employees than the president's condo redecorating and whether or not the employees are "properly dressed" to answer phones and work on computers in offices where they see no one but each other - but the perks are fabulous!

I've been talking about starting this new blog for a while - but have yet to actually get down to it with Noland and my ever crazy schedule. However this lovely holiday week between Christmas and New Years - I have completely off - and am free to do whatever my little heart desires. The company I'm at now is about 75% sales and they understand that nothing really will get done that week, so rather then have us all sit around and do half ass jobs of working in between discussing holidays plans and activities - we just shut down.

Between that, getting all of the lame holidays off (see Vet's Day, MLK Day, Pres Day etc.) and starting as a new employee with just 2 days shy PTO time then I'd earned after more than 5 years at TRM, getting canned from that evil dictatorship becomes more and more of a blessing each day. Things there had pretty much gone down the toilet the past 12 months once they removed the only decent executive the company has from our department to a new one, but with Noland unemployed I couldn't afford to leave. I'd planned on looking for a new job once Noland was established full-time with benefits at his, so the getting canned really just moved my timing forward by a few months. As well of course creating the best "why I got fired" story ever. It makes everyone, and I kid you not, everyone, exclaim the exact same "You're Kidding?!" I mean really, when you dumbfound the guy in the unemployment office who has to have heard them all you know it's a winner!

So as we kick off this new year here in a few days - cheers to new and better jobs and new and better blogs!

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