Friday, August 24, 2007

If they weren't so powerful I'd have to laugh

The things that I hear coming from my home state often mortify me. While I haven’t lived there in nearly 2 decades – it is where I grew up and it is where my family all still lives. So in a small way it is still home.

My friends here often joke about the fact that we don’t believe in gravity – referring to the anti-evolution stand the Kansas education department keeps pulling out of their butts. But now I learn that Brownback – one of the worst senators to come from Kansas in decades – and a Republican Presidential hopeful – has co-sponsored a bill that will help remove the free or extremely discounted contraceptives from the hands of the women who need it the most. Because of Planned Parenthood’s stand on abortion they are the targets of these morons who don’t understand that all they’re doing is increasing the number of women who will need abortions.

First Missouri passes a bill that makes it so that Planned Parenthood can’t provide sex education information to schools – even though they are undeniably the most qualified to do so – and now Brownback is trying to take away their funding to provide condoms and birth control pills to women who can’t afford them. Sure – some of these contraceptives are going to teenagers – and that is offensive to these people – but hey – at least the teenagers are smart enough to try and not get pregnant! But a good percentage of them are going to married women, to adults, to people who may have a couple kids already and know they shouldn’t have any more.

I know there are some wonky old-school Catholics and Mormons out there who still believe that “every sperm is sacred’ but for the most part even the Pope realizes that is a fight that is not going to be won in US. But since all these puritanical nut jobs can afford to buy their own pills – they don’t understand why telling these adult, maybe even married women “if you don’t want a baby – don’t have sex” isn’t really kosher. And I’m sure that as crazy as Brownback, McCain, Tancredo and Romney (all who support the bill,) are – that none of them believe that too – but they’re willing to sacrifice that right for others – for the poor, the minorities, the teenagers… to slowly and surely knock out agencies like Planned Parenthood in a subtle and sneaky way of ultimately trying to end the right to choose.

And they're the ones upholding the morals of America.

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