Friday, August 31, 2007

Horray for Iowa!

So there was bad news from one of my home states last week – but good news from my other home state today.

A Polk County judge on Thursday struck down Iowa's law banning gay marriage.

The ruling by Judge Robert Hanson concluded that the state's prohibition on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional and he ordered Polk County Recorder Julie Haggerty to issue marriage licenses to several gay couples.

I’m sure that this won’t be the end – there will be challenges, there will be debates and it may get reversed again before it’s all over. But every time something like this happens we get closer and closer to extending this wonderful thing called marriage to ANYONE who wants it.

Go Iowa!

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Salsa said...

Alas, a "stay" was put on the late Friday morning during the appeal process, but not before about two dozen couples applied for licenses. One couple was actually married and re-filed the signed license to make it official. Check out the link to the DM Register on the "places I've lived" links.

The Republican/Minority leader in the state House promises there will be a vote on this ... um, yeah, maybe if you were in the majority, those who oppose this measure could have some faith your efforts would yield more than an lame-attempt amendment to another bill. Call me when you have some authority, there, buddy.