Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

I think because I’ve been sick or fighting a cold for going on two weeks now, I’m sleeping more then ever, but really the really sound sleep of the drugged so that I don’t remember my dreams. Total bummer.

When our friend Ron in Seattle sends us the pics he took this weekend, we’ll get some posted up there – but nonetheless, it was a good Halloween weekend. My costume may not have been as fancy as some, but I put it together myself, I didn’t buy it or rent it, so it was much cooler then those, although it might not have been as good as the guy who dressed up like this guy.

Just wrong. But really funny.

And Friday night doing the annual pumpkin carving festivity at Steve & Cesar’s was great. As usual everyone’s creative spirit shone brightly – my pumpkin was a bit cannibalistic. And we got our annual chance to watch Steve (of Steve & Jackie not Steve & Cesar) get loaded, which is always amusing. But Jackie was there to keep him from trying to drive off with the candle still lit in his pumpkin in the backseat.

I love Halloween.

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