Monday, October 03, 2005

Bow-heads past their prime

When I was in high school and looking at colleges I had just a few requirements to start the narrowing down process.
  • minimum of 3 hours from where my parents lived
  • no all girls schools
  • no schools with any sort of social restrictions (curfews, limited male/female access, etc.)
  • oh yeah, and a decent journalism school
Then as I narrowed down and started visiting some schools I added another qualification.
  • No Texas schools
Now I don't have the hatred for Texas that my Noland does, but after visiting TCU and Trinity - both of which were pretty high on my list until I set foot in the state, I realized that Texans - and Texas women in particular - were nuts.

I'm dropping in on classes with my tour guide, 8 am classes mind you, and there are these girls there - not just one or two - but EVERY FREAKIN' ONE in obviously well prepped outfits, a couple inches of makeup, pearls and the biggest hair I'd ever seen. Admittedly this was the 80's and my hair was pretty big too, but this hair was HUGE and the bows....the all had bows, Perfectly matching their sweater and socks. EVERY FREAKIN' ONE.

So that brings me to today - have ya seen George's newest nominee? This is what happens when Texas bow heads get old. You can only put on inches of makeup every day for so many years before it stops coming off and becomes part of you....

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