Thursday, December 11, 2008

Losin' my View

There's a building going up that is soon going to block my view. From my office window I can look to the east and see Mt. Hood (even after a decade in Oregon is seems weird that there are mountains to the east.) I can look to the northeast and on some clear days see Mt. St. Helens (can today!) the Willamette, parts of Waterfront Park, the buildings in the Convention Center/Lloyd District, the Hawthorne, Burnside and Broadway bridges... it's a beautiful view of Portland. But there's construction going on at 2nd and Morrison... right now the frame is about 12 stories high - but today they've started to add two more. It' now hitting the point where it's beginning to block off my view. I've already lost a part of the park and the Burnside bridge. If it goes another two higher all of the northeast side is hidden, and beyond that - it starts to block the mountains. I'm all for progress - but if they're going to build a building that blocks my pretty city/mountain view -there'd better be a job for my husband in it!


Anonymous said...

But you got to see flying porta potties. Or as they say in Iowegia ... Flyin' Kybos (hell of a name for a band!)


The Hamzinger said...

I'd buy that job thing for a dollar (but am sad that you won't have that view).

divebarwife said...

But once they're done building - no more flying Kybos!
(That is a good band name! What is it supposed to stand for again?)