Thursday, January 17, 2008

Things People Say on the InterWebs Make Me Laugh

The Merc had an article last week about the trials and tribulations of finding a place to live...not finding and apartment or a house - but finding room - moving in with other people you don't know. To me that's kind of a bizarre situation - other than Kyle & Crane filling a spot at the Monkey Ranch I don't know anyone who's lived with people they didn't know. Their roommates were always at least some sort of friend. So I commented that wa - and this was one of the response:

divebarwife, one example might be women who don't identify themselves by what their husband does for a living. maybe such women wait to get married beyond the first guy with a bank account they manage to fuck. in the meantime, they need to split rent (ahem, pay their own rent at all), and their friends may already have places when they find themselves looking.

in summary, don't be such a cunt.

Heh heh - yes, 'cause that's me - ha ha!


fufats said...

The Mercury (and Blogtown) attracts some weird fucking folks. I was reading about how the truck driver who ran over that cyclist won't face criminal charges. The Merc article (written by Amy Ruiz, who is a fantastic news writer, but is flat-out awful when it comes to editorials) wrote something along the lines of "so it's the cyclists fault, apparently". This was joined by the baying of the Merc regulars and commenters who acted like the D.A. was letting Josef Mengele off.

The thought apparently never occurred to them that the death was an ACCIDENT and it's tough (not to mention wrong) to prosecute an accident as a criminal act.

But I digress...

What I'm trying to say is that the Merc regulars live in bizarro-world.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised it look that many words before a curse word appeared. Usually the Merc kids start out their emails with "cunt".