Friday, December 22, 2006

24 - starring ME!

As always - it's tough to distinguish who is REALLY on your side and who is double-crossing you, because you are in fact also double-crossing them and maybe double-crossing those that are double-crossing them with it?

Well Jack needed to go in and do the serious dirty work - so he had me leave the room - he didn't want me to have to see what he was going to do - and I also think that he secretly thought I might break and they'd know we weren't really who we said we were.

So I'm standing in the hallway guarding the door when the maid comes to clean the room. I let her know that we are still using the room and that she can come back later - but apparently the maid was also not who she seemed, as she suddenly yells something about vengeance for her people and that she's got a bomb.

She sets the explosive and takes off back down the hall. I run into the room and alert Jack that we've got trouble. He says that if it's just a flash bomb we're fine - I let him know that it's way more serious than that - and that the windows are the only way out. Unfortunaltey we're way up on the top floor. Jack takes a few runs at the window until the glass is shattered - then he tells me that we have to jump. And with that he's out the window. I stand on the sill and watch him fall to the ground - it seems so easy - he lands on his butt, lays still for a moment then jumps up and is fine. I can do that. Sure - I know I can. But my feet are not leaving the ground - and we only have a few second more until the explosion goes off. Jack looks up and sees my hesitance - he calls to crowd that has now gathered below - tells them that it's my first big jump and that they need to give me some encouragement. I hear the calls coming from below:


I jump. I am flying. I am falling to the ground. But once I go it's not that far. The ground approaches and I put my body in the landing position. I hit the ground hard - and man does it hurt - but I'm fine. But as is always the case when Jack's around - we're not out of the woods yet. The building is about to explode and when it falls it's going to collapse right where we're at - we must roll down this hill into the lake below......

And cut.

Wow - that jump was really scary - but at least it was only off the hotel set - which was really about 3 stories high - they'd go back and do their TV magic to make it become a 30 story building.

Not bad for my first day.

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