Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Less than nothing

Really people - there is a light (let me repeat that....LIGHT) dusting of snow outside. Or there was at 7am - it's all gone now. But even when there was that LIGHT dusting that is no reason for you you to drive so slowly. Susan drove better in REAL snow the first time she ever did it and she grew up in the desert! (Hi SSSS!)

And no - I don't believe you when you say "it was worse at my house", "well - I live on a hill", "it's not the snow, it's the ice."

And I don't care of you're from California, Texas or the deepest ugliest southlands - it's still not enough of anything to get excited about. So STFU already! I'm tired of hearing you tell every person you talk to about the crazy weather we've got going on here. And unless they're from the south - they're probably laughing at you too.

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Anonymous said...

AND Susan drove it in a brown Oldsmobile Delta 88 land yacht with rear wheel drive. So there.

But if I remember correctly, she also hated doing it so much that she started bribing Weezy with beer to chauffer her to her internship on Friday nights.